Hosted PBX

Our Hosted PBX service is an enterprise-grade, cloud-based IP phone service that increases productivity through the use of one unified phone system boasting both flexibility and scalability – ALL AT REDUCED COSTS.

Hosted PBX from NET PLUS GROUP Sharpens Your Operations!

• Voice Quality with Network-based Quality of Service (QoS). Our built-in network-based QoS ensures your voice call quality will be crystal clear and voice calls always take priority.• Our fully-managed nationwide network for mission-critical communications.

• Extend the power of an Enterprise’s Commutation System to remote offices.

• Our broadband reach is one of the largest of any provider in Canada, and our nationwide network offers the speed, reliability, and built-in security required for your business.

• Save money by outsourcing your phone system to NET PLUS GROUP. With no expensive PBX equipment to lease, purchase or maintain, this system requires minimal upfront capital expense.

• One provider, one number to call. We are the single source for all your voice and data needs. Reach our friendly, knowledgeable, Canada-based customer service representatives by dialing just one number.