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NetPlus Group a Canada-leading communications and information technology company and PizzaCloud, Inc. a leading provider of pizza e-cloud communications announced an expansion of their partnership to serve Canadian pizza businesses. They will work together to now enable Canadian pizza businesses to easily transition their legacy phone systems to the cloud via plans that are built for pizza businesses who want to replace their basic legacy services with a cost-effective, trusted business solution and richer functionality that enables cloud services and easy online management.

“Pizza businesses are thriving in our economy and we want to provide them with solutions that enable them to run their business smoothly so they can focus on what matters most, and not worry about the technology,” said Nick Rosic, president of Business Products and Services at NET PLUS GROUP. “Through our partnership with PizzaCloud, pizza businesses can now manage their phone systems remotely, whether that’s from their in-store phone to a mobile phone or manage call routing from wherever they are, unlike traditional phone lines.”


“Our mission at PizzaCloud is to provide every pizaza business with the cloud communications technology they need to empower their people to enhance the customer experience,” said John Scully, president of PizzaCloud. “Pizza businesses are critical to the economy and by working together with NET PLUS GROUP in Canada, we will ensure that these businesses have access to the very best communications services and capabilities along with strong security and reliability, ensuring they can quickly transition to the cloud and maintain operations remotely and easily cater to the current and future needs of their customers.”

About PizzaCloud

Pizza Cloud is headquartered in Columbus Ohio and provides service to over 1900 pizza locations and takes over 1 600 000 calls weekly at 6 data centers.

For a low monthly cost, upgrade to a top Voice over IP phone system with the best options available for the pizza industry…plus cellular backup protection…along with call center capabilities. 

By staying ahead of the fast changing technology, we offer our clients solutions that are proven to increase revenue and lower cost. We daily strive to provide the best IP Phone Service, cellular backup protection and excellent customer service with technical support that gives our clients an extra boost in the competitive pizza restaurant industry.

Owner, John Scully